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SMFA World Cup Group AIstadyum: Camp Nou (99,359)Pagdalo: 98,497
Carlos Queiroz (COM)Mircea Lucescu (COM)
COLOMBIA football jersey
TURKEY football jersey
Ulat Itugma ang pag-aayos

0'Mag-alis Mag-alis
2'SÁNCHEZ receives the ball from James RODRÍGUEZ.
SÁNCHEZ smashes a shot at goal.
Goal GOAL!! - Ball Ang mga pito nakaraan ang tagabantay at sa likod ng net.
14'It's a foul.
Free kick to Colombia.
Yellow Card Yellow Card - The referee takes his time before booking MALLI.
SÁNCHEZ tries to bend a high one around the wall.
Acrobatic dive from GÜNOK and he manages to keep it out.
21'Wilmar BARRIOS passes to Luis MURIEL.
MURIEL hits it first time and it looks like it's going in.
Goal GOAL!! - Ito ay sa! Tagabantay ay hindi maabot ito.
Pinasiyahan out Layunin para sa offside. OFFSIDE! - Ito ay isang malapit na tawag ngunit ang linesman nagbibigay sa offside at ang layunin ay hindi tumayo.
22'Ömer TOPRAK is slightly late with a challenge on Radamel FALCAO.
Yellow Card Yellow Card - TOPRAK goes into the referees notebook.
25'CUADRADO plays a pass to FALCAO.
FALCAO strikes the ball well.
Goal GOAL!! - GÜNOK mukhang sa bilang nang walang pag-asa ang bola sa mga hit ang likod ng net.
29'It's a foul.
Free kick to Turkey.
SÖYÜNCÜ tries to bend a low one around the wall.
OSPINA dives early and tips the ball away.
30'CUADRADO plays a pass to SÁNCHEZ.
SÁNCHEZ turns it towards goal.
Misses lamang niya ang target.
37'BARRIOS plays a pass to FALCAO.
FALCAO fires one towards goal.
GÜNOK tips it away with an acrobatic save.
41'FALCAO passes to SÁNCHEZ.
SÁNCHEZ puts his foot through the ball and it flies towards the top corner.
It's a good attempt but GÜNOK is equal to it.
45'Half oras Half oras
51'TOPRAK takes the legs of FALCAO. Siya ay wala kahit saan malapit sa pagkuha sa bola.
Red Card Red Card - The referee takes time over the decision before showing the red card to TOPRAK.
56'ÇALHANOĞLU links up with SÖYÜNCÜ.
SÖYÜNCÜ takes a touch and fires a shot at the bottom corner.
It's an easy save for OSPINA.
84'Cenk TOSUN receives the ball from ÜNDER.
TOSUN fires one towards goal.
Great reactions from OSPINA and he makes the save look easy.
89'It's a foul.
Free kick to Colombia.
SÁNCHEZ spots a gap in the wall and goes for power.
Goal GOAL!! - Napupunta sa bola ang malapit sa ibaba ng post na ito.
90'Sa lahat ng panahon Sa lahat ng panahon